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June 2022: Love, Rugby, and BUBBLES!

Special thanks to Marilyn Humphries for taking some pretty rad photos! Click the link in the post below to see more of Marilyn's work.

Our summer season is under way! We haven't skipped a beat this summer. There's been a little bit of everything so far:

- An incredible underdog finish at Worcester 7s, coming in 2nd place in the competitive NERFU bracket

- Fair and square boat race win against a men's rugby team

- Stained hands and fingers from tons of fun tie dying at Erin's house

- Lots of great practices at a [finally] mowed GE Field in Lynn, MA

- Even more laughs, beers, and good eats every Thursday at Brickyard Bar and Grill in Lynn, MA

And most recently...


The North Shore Pride Parade and Festival in Salem, MA is normally held annually but hasn't happened in a few years due to COVID. This year's celebration was extra special in so many ways and couldn't have come at a better time. We all had a so much fun marching in the parade and setting up a table at the festival for people to come learn more about our team. It was a billion degrees outside but that didn't slow anyone down for a second!

Come join us anytime - all levels of experience welcome! Inclusion is one of our team's core values, and we work hard to make our team the most inclusive environment possible.

Photo Cred: Marilyn Humphries


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