North Shore Women's Rugby Club is an organization dedicated to community service and spreading the word about athletic opportunities for women. Our sponsors enable us to maintain our status as a highly competitive women’s club as we continue to provide an opportunity for women to be involved in a unique and challenging sport.


We are always looking for corporate, restaurant and athletic sponsorships and if you would like to help us further our mission through additional sponsorship, please contact us at eboard@nswomensrugby.com so that we may put together a sponsorship package that is right for your company.


North Shore Women's Rugby would like to thank the following for their continued support of the team:


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Ruck Science


A company made for ruggers! They design & manufacture premium nutritional supplements specifically for the rugby community. Their range of supplements can help professional and amateur rugby players alike to perform, recover and live better. They also have NUMEROUS workout programs and a depth of all around rugby fitness information. Check them out here

Get 10% off your ruckscience.com order and donate another 10% to our rugby club. How? All by using our club’s unique coupon code: NSWOMENSRUGBY

The Tin Whistle


The Tin Whistle restaurant and bar in Salem, Massachusetts is a great local pub offering excellent food and drink. They have awesome food and a fantastic outdoor space with picnic tables and some outdoor games! 

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