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July 2022: Sevens and SUN

We had a busy July in the second half of our sevens season while also working around all kinds of mother nature mood swings. We did our best and made a ton of progress!

Here's just some of the things that happened in July:

- Witch City Youth 7s in Salem, MA with teams ranging from elementary to high school ages! It was a huge success and such a great opportunity to watch younger folks develop their rugby game.

- Burlington 7s in Burlington, VT where we had new players debut in their rugby career and others come back from an injury hiatus! Oh, and of course full of hiking and ice cream...just some of what Vermont does best

- Summerween [Summer Halloween] celebration for our club President Lindsay's 30th birthday, including a surprise "Happy Birthday" bagpipe performance from our Social Chair Corey!

- CanAm Rugby Tournament in Lake Placid, NY guest starring on multiple teams including Seacoast and Beantown. We also dressed up as different British celebrities!

- Beach rugby practice where we got sandy with some fitness and games then did passing drills and ultimate rugby in the water!!

As our sevens season is just wrapping up, our fall season is right around the corner. Practices for the fall season will start at the end of August. Click here to see our 2022 Fall Season Game Schedule!


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