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Fall Season Recap

NSWR worked hard for every game in this fall season - there were no shortcuts and no easy teams to play against....everyone was tough competition. Many new players that have joined this year and in the fall alone made some major strides in their game, and Coach Nikki kept the fire blazing in us at every single practice. Our kicking game was utilized and explored more in this season, and many players got to experience playing positions in both the forward pack and the back line. Overall, everyone was able to improve their skills and continue to work well together as a team.

Fall Season Maids of the Match:

Lindsay Trammell

Skar Rodriguez

Ariel Bouvier

Chantal LeBlanc

Mariel Cabot

Hilary White

Mel Mazurka

LaDonna Flynn

Davia Moore

Melissa Ferracane

Katherine Gorham

We're entering the off season with a lot of motivation to stay strong and do everything we can to get ready for the upcoming spring season. In the meantime, we also have a lot of plans for our annual rugby banquet, holiday fundraisers, and lots of other team events!

If you're interested in joining the team, feel free to visit our contact page for more info. We would love to have you, and welcome any level of experience!

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