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Summer 7s Rugby Tournaments!

The Monsoons have been busy over this hot summer, already playing in three different tournaments and gearing up for more fun before the fall season starts!

The first summer 7s tournament NSWR went to was the Worcester 7s rugby tournament, where they played against top teams such as Beantown and Providence. Next they played in the Springfield 7s tournament with games against Boston Women's (2) and Hartford Women's rugby teams. In the Acton 10s tournament NSWR went 3-0 against UMass Amherst, UMass Dartmouth, and the Mountaineers before falling to Beantown. It was a real test of endurance and dedication to play in multiple games under a hot 90 degree sun. In all the tournaments everyone's sevens game was able improve and step up to the level of competition. Everyone is excited to keep moving forward and prepping for the next fun tournaments coming up ahead!

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