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Game Recaps: Hartford, Portland and Amoskeag

NSWR vs. Hartford vs. Portland

To start the season off, NSWR traveled to Hartford, CT for their first games against Hartford Women's Rugby and Portland Women's Rugby. When NSWR played against them in the fall season, both teams proved to be a very tough battle. However, the scores alone showed how far NSWR has already come since the fall 2014 season: while we lost to Hartford last fall 44-0, this game ended in a nail-biting loss of just 7-5. Although NSWR also had a marginal loss to Portland 15-5, the fall season was also a close game of 12-5 (except a win)...only a 3 point difference in the total number of points scored in the game. Overall, it was a great weekend for NSWR to get some time outside on a turf field and play against some powerhouses to get the blood pumping!

Hartford/Portland Game Awards:

Jess Yu

Alexa Roberto

NSWR vs. Amoskeag

We played a dogfight of a game against Amoskeag, coming out on top with tries from both back and forward players and only allowing Amoskeag to score one try in the entire game. Our strength came from our teamwork - we were able to make sure nobody ran alone and everyone constantly had support with them to keep the ball moving and in our possession. We had some speedy backs breaking tackles and scoring left and right while we also had some forwards score and hold their ground in the rucks. Amoskeag was a great team to be able to play; they played with passion and aggression that never failed never died up until the last minute. We weren't able to take any breaks or sighs of relief throughout the whole game, because Amoskeag kept the pressure on us and put up quite a fight! All of our tries were hard earned, not easily taken, and everyone was able to gain something out of this weekend through trying out a new position or trying a new tactic in the game.

Our hearts also go out to Amoskeag Women's Rugby, who suffered quite a loss last weekend when one of their teammates passed away in a car accident. We are thinking of them and wishing them all the best as they cope with this tragedy. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Amoskeag Game Awards:

Les Sheahan

Mel Mazurka

Rizzi Hepburn

Alexa Roberto

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