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Spring season delay, but no rest for NSWR!

While our first game of the spring season against Charles River was postponed until early May, our coach and players did not rest during this past weekend. The majority of our team continued to seek out rugby exposure through either playing on another team or supporting different rugby matches!

A few players were able to team up with Springfield Women's Rugby in order to help fill a side of 15 for a game against Coach Tara and Boston Women's Rugby B-side. Both teams played a competitive and clean game, with Boston Women's coming out on top. The North Shore players were able to gain valuable experience playing new positions and received up close lessons from Coach Tara about why it's important to get low on tackles....

The rest of the team came to watch the women's game and also went to Medford to cheer on the North Shore Men in their first game of the season. While it was a chilly Saturday for rugby watching, we all had a blast watching our coach, teammates, and male counterparts play in toughly fought matches. You can learn just as much from watching a sport as you can from playing it!

We are continuing practices this week on turf fields until our home field can make it out of the wet spring weather alive. We're looking forward to finally putting our off season training to the test next weekend in Hartford for a double header against Hartford Women's Rugby and Portland!

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