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Rugby Workouts


Rugby is a test of strength, speed, and stamina - all equally important. Cardio and strength conditioning workouts are both needed in order to prepare for rugby. Here are some general fitness needs you should pay attention to when prepping your body for rugby: 



- sprints, yo-yo test, shuttle/suicide sprints

- long distance running

- burpees

- swimming

- biking

- rowing

- elliptical

**begin with trying to do cardio for 30 minutes long, then build from there


Leg Strength

- squats

- lunges

- leg press

- wall sits

- calf raises

- kettlebell swings

- wall balls


Core Strength

- planks

- side planks

- sit ups

- leg raises

- "superman" hold

- toe to bar crunches


Upper Body Strength

-push ups

- pull ups 

- ring row pull ups

- tricep dips

- dumbell curls

- bench press

- push press

- strict press


Once you get some basics of fitness down, there are plenty of resources for more rugby-specific workouts to further your game even more. 

Remember: In rugby, your BODY is your equipment. It's like your shining armor as a knight running into battle. Take care of it and it will take care of you!

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